"What the fuck is a Slythindor? Stop shipping the founders!" - James
"Godric wouldn't have with...." - Albus.
"...heh, Godric let Salazar Slytherin! HAHAHA! Geddit?!" - James.
"......I think it's just the union of our houses, more than just the typical traits, coming together to form a hybrid house..." - Albus.
"Well thank for that logic, Negative Nathan; that joke was golden, man!" - James.

"Hello there! We're the Pot--"
"--the SUPER Potter Brothers!"
"....that's James, he's a cheeky left arse and 6th year Gryffindor, though he still acts like he's 6. He think he's a gift to most ladies and he's always up to no good."
"Ha. Ha. Ha. So funny, little brother. -glares- My turn to introduce you... this is Albus, he was sorted in to Slytherin instead of Gryffindor. He acts like a pus--"
"-snorts- How he got sorted into Slytherin, I'll never know. He acts like a Hufflepuff."
"What's a Hufflepuff?"
"Exactly. -there's a long beat- Anyways! He's the good boy, and I, ladies, am a very bad boy. So c'mon over and say hello, eh?"
"Must you make things so sexual? Why I am doing this? Ugh. Ladies and gentlemen, please ignore him. He'll be on his best behavior - or mum will get an owl and you'll get a howler - and we'd love to hear from you folks!"

[James: Aaron Johnson || Albus: Darren Criss]

Anonymous whispered, "Albus, you don't seem to have a very "guy" like attitude towards ladies. You should come off it already. You are a queer little fag admit it."

"….the fuck did you just say about my brother?" - James.
"James, just calm down—-"
"No. First off, Albus doesn’t have my same attitude and thank Merlin for that favour! Albus is a gentleman. He’s not going to make crude comments or joke about banging someone’s mother. He’s has some fucking tact and class unlike me. He has a sweet, kind, caring guy. He just is shy and doesn’t have much experience when it comes to dealing with women. He’s still fucking young. Regardless, he even if he was homosexual that’d be fine! He’s a great guy. ANYONE would be lucky to have him as their boyfriend. He’d treat his partner like a queen or king. AND SECONDLY - queer means odd or strange and fag is a cigarette. THIRD, I DARE YOU TO COME AT MY BRO AGAIN, ANON. I dare you. If you thought I was being an arse here, just say something again." - James.

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