"What the fuck is a Slythindor? Stop shipping the founders!" - James
"Godric wouldn't have with...." - Albus.
"...heh, Godric let Salazar Slytherin! HAHAHA! Geddit?!" - James.
"......I think it's just the union of our houses, more than just the typical traits, coming together to form a hybrid house..." - Albus.
"Well thank for that logic, Negative Nathan; that joke was golden, man!" - James.

"Hello there! We're the Pot--"
"--the SUPER Potter Brothers!"
"....that's James, he's a cheeky left arse and 6th year Gryffindor, though he still acts like he's 6. He think he's a gift to most ladies and he's always up to no good."
"Ha. Ha. Ha. So funny, little brother. -glares- My turn to introduce you... this is Albus, he was sorted in to Slytherin instead of Gryffindor. He acts like a pus--"
"-snorts- How he got sorted into Slytherin, I'll never know. He acts like a Hufflepuff."
"What's a Hufflepuff?"
"Exactly. -there's a long beat- Anyways! He's the good boy, and I, ladies, am a very bad boy. So c'mon over and say hello, eh?"
"Must you make things so sexual? Why I am doing this? Ugh. Ladies and gentlemen, please ignore him. He'll be on his best behavior - or mum will get an owl and you'll get a howler - and we'd love to hear from you folks!"

[James: Aaron Johnson || Albus: Darren Criss]

James Sirius 

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